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And finally, please read the "Answers Before You Ask" section below. We really don't have time to answer the same questions over and over again - especially when they can be handled right on this page. I'm sure you understand. 
Michael Neeley
Host of The PodQuest Show, Consciously Speaking, Buy This - Not That, and Co-Host of Something to Wine About.
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The PodQuest Show
Buy This - Not That!
Answers before you ask
When do you record sessions?
I only record Consciously Speaking episodes on Tuesdays and Buy This - Not That episodes on Thursdays. PLUS, I only record two episodes of each every week. This means that I might get booked up pretty solid from time to time.
Why aren't there any available slots?
My schedule only opens up on a rolling 60-day calendar. This means that NOTHING gets booked more than 2 months out. No, you cannot book a time slot in December, if this is still September. It also means that you'll need to check back on the link each week until you find an opening that works for you.
Can I promote my book, event, or some other special offer on your show?
The simple answer is NO; however, the nature of these shows will promote it naturally. On Buy This- - Not That, we will be reviewing your service or package. No other offer can be made, but we will provide listeners with our affiliate link and direct them on how to purchase. On Consciously Speaking, I will mention your website and share that in the show notes as well. If you wish to do a bigger promotion, please drop us a line at and we can set up a sponsorship.
What if I need to reschedule?
Please use the link in one of the reminder emails should you need to reschedule. We understand if last-minute challenges arise, but we also frown upon "no-shows". Let us know as soon as humanly possible if you cannot keep our appointed time.
When can I expect my episode to post?
Depending on our release schedule (number of episodes per week), you can expect it to take at least 4 months before your episode goes live. If you wish to have your episode release on a specific date in order to promote your program or event, please drop us a line at There may be a fee involved if we need to rush the production of your episode.
Am I expected to promote the episode to my audience?
Absolutely! This is a two-way street, and since you are getting access to our hard-earned audience, the least you could do would be to let your fan-base know about the show. Besides, what better way to position you as an expert than to have one of our hosts helping bring out the best of your wisdom and insights. PLUS, we can tell if a guest promotes the show by the number of downloads that exceed our norm. Our best performing guests get invited back again and again.
What else can I do to capitalize on my appearance on your show?
We suggest that you make the interview playable on your own website. This way, visitors to your site can hear the episode without ever leaving your page. When your episode is released, we will send you the necessary URL that will allow you to do this. When you use this link, all of the plays will still be logged in our system and we will know that your episode is getting heard.

You can also share about it in your other social media platforms, as will we.
Can I become a sponsor of one of your shows?
You certainly can! And best of all, we offer our guests a highly favorable rate that is a fraction of the industry standard investment. Drop us a line at for more details.
Will our session be on video or will it be audio only?
For the sake of repurposing our content, we always record our sessions on video so that we may release them as a YouTube channel in the future. Be prepared to be on camera by having decent lighting and having done your best to look presentable. What's presentable? Well, that's up to you. Just look how you want to best represent your brand.
Do I need a special microphone?
While you don't need a special microphone, and frequently your earbud set will suffice - it is important that you use some form of headphones or earbuds to listen. Allowing the sound to come from your computer speakers creates a feedback loop that interferes with the recording quality.
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